Food Writer Priya Krishna and Mom Ritua Share Tips for Staying Grounded in Lockdown

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to flash back to the Cherry Bombe Jubilee 2.0 (how was that only a month ago?) and revisit a warm conversation hosted by Priya Krishna—cookbook author, food writer and a host of Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel.—and her mom Ritua Krishna.

The pair share how they stay connected through food, family video calls and gratitude help them stay grounded during lockdown.

  1. Happy Hours. They say they don’t necessarily have to be a cocktail hour, but a daily scheduled time at the end of the day to separate work life from personal life.

    Ritua: Priya comes down, we have a cocktail, a glass of wine, sometimes a glass of sparkling water. It’s worked really well for us.
    Priya: My mom will put the music on and hear the cocktail shaker going, it’s nice to have an end point to your day. 
  1. Get highly invested in one television show. The mother-daughter duo says they choose shows no one in the house has seen that has tons of seasons to binge. The agree becoming deeply invested in the plots is a fun way to “fall into a reality that is not your own.” Their picks: Succession and The Americans.

  2. The weekly family meeting. Not a casual gathering, but an official scheduled meeting. The entire family makes a point to share what’s been going on in each other’s lives. They talk highlights, challenges, whatever they need to cope with this new way of life.

  3. Making big batches of food to share with others. Inspired by people delivering meals to healthcare workers, they make big batches of food to drop off at loved ones’ homes. They said it’s a nice way to feel like you’re bringing a little bit of joy into someone else’s life. Plus, the chance to actually drive somewhere made it feel like an actual outing.  

  4. Taking walks by yourself. Priya says one of the hardest things about quarantine is loneliness. She finds staring at nature, taking a moment to breathe in and out, and appreciating alone time are some of the best things lockdown has brought back into her life. She says it’s important to remember, loneliness is sad, but it’s also nice to appreciate the solitary moments.
  5. Inviting other family members to meal times. Just like the rest of us, Ritua and Priya are no strangers to the family video call. They say it’s “just a nice way of socializing that makes you feel that you’re not alone.”

  6. A gratitude journal. Every day, Pryia writes down three things for which she is she thankful. She says it’s an important reminder to have gratitude for the good things in life.

  7. Reconnecting with people. And one of the things they’re thankful for: the opportunity to have regular meet ups thanks to everyone’s new-found extra free time.

  8. Remember: this is temporary. They want everyone to remember that this is not permanent; it will end and it’s really important to take this day by day. They look for joy and happiness in each day, and try not to feel anxiety about the future. They admit the uncertainty is the hardest part. Just like the rest of us, they want to know when they’ll see loved ones, leave the house, or go to a restaurant again. They say it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the future, but it’s important to take it one day at a time. 

  9. Check in on your people. Shoot a text, a slack, a quick call. Especially to those in the medical field and essential workers. They believe checking in our people regularly will send good vibes out into the community.

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