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Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Anti-Racism Commitment

8 minutes and 46 seconds. About four times as long as it will take you to read this. It’s also how long it took to make the world stop and take notice, to feel a sorrow that crosses all boundaries. 8 minutes and 46 seconds for everyone to finally unite and say enough is enough.

Our mission at Reset the Table has always been to bring greater equality in the foodservice industry. To shine a light on women and men striving to level the playing field, and to give otherwise unheard voices a chance to speak up. While we push for equality and unity in the foodservice industry,  we also push for equality in the world in which we live. 

Black Lives Matter. 
Equality matters. 
Standing up for what’s right matters. 
We stand with everyone trying to change our world for the better.

The systemic racism that has been allowed to remain unchecked in our society for too long must end today. We ask you to take a stand with us. It is not enough to be against racism, we must be anti-racist and work together against injustice and the oppressive systems around us.

We will continue to push our agenda with an even stronger commitment and the hope that helping us achieve greater equality in our corner of the world will help uplift and contribute to the entire movement for gender and racial equality. We all need to do our part professionally and personally to end the systemic racism that has gone on for too long in our country.  

Reset the Table, as part of The Food Group (a WPP Company), is committed to anti-racism. You can read more about our global corporate actions, organizations supporting this important movement, educational resources, and ways you can support this critical moment in our history and future, here.

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