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Chef Chatter: How to Thrive as a Female Chef

Chef Mary Lou Davis, Chef de Cuisine of Whiskey Cafe in San Antonio, writes, “Anyone that knows me, or has seen me on “Hell’s Kitchen” (Season 19, what’s up!), knows I’m a loud ball of energy, and I laugh at my own jokes. From time to time, I get wild with my friends. But, beyond being a fun, blue-haired witch (I’ll cast a spell on you if you don’t watch “Hell’s Kitchen”), I also have two college degrees, I’m the youngest chef in my company and the only female chef.”

The food industry is a heavily male-dominated industry. In fact, males make up 77.4% of chefs and head cooks. The higher Chef Davis got in her career, the more she started to recognize the inequalities in the kitchen, but she has used those occurrences, and lessons, to establish invaluable strategies needed in order to thrive.

See the 3 pieces of advice Chef Davis is giving to women who want to succeed in the restaurant business.