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How a Seattle Chef Lost Her James Beard Award-Winning Restaurant but Came Out Hopeful After an Unreal Pandemic Year

James Beard Award-winning chef Maria Hines is still smiling, even after a year of what felt like “the end.” Her Seattle restaurant Tilth, was the second certified organic restaurant in the country when it debuted. Her small kitchen supported local farmers, fishers, foragers and more through her dedication to local sourcing.

Needless to say, the pandemic brought an uncertain future for many across the world and for Hines, it meant having to close her restaurant after a 14-year run. While she worked tiressely to keep her kitchen open and staff employed, she eventually made the hard decision to close Tilth forever on October 30, 2020. But this isn’t where her story ends. For Hines, the new year brought hope with new projects and plans for the future beyond Tilth.

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