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Holding Corporate Restaurant Executives Accountable for the Diversity of Their Employees

New year, new role—at least for several major companies. Last year truly highlighted racial and gender injustices, with the public demanding better from businesses. As a result, several companies made promises to do just that. From hiring new diversity officers to dedicating parts of their budgets to improve conditions within their establishments, big business says it plans to step up.

Prior to the pandemic, diversity initiatives started to gain traction among restaurant chains. Over the past few years, restaurants have made greater efforts to address their workplace culture. Recently, Starbucks appointed Dennis Brockman as their Global Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. As of March 15, Dr. Beverly Stallings-Johnson is the Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for Wendy’s. With these new positions, advancement toward a more inclusive society is surely on its way.

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