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A Black Restaurateur on Fighting Racism, Inspiring a New Generation

"We’ve got a lot of work to do. But as it relates to the restaurant industry, there are a lot of great Black-owned businesses in the world," Pinky Cole says.

Nationwide, businesses are feeling the impact of a new wave of equality and equity-driven activism brought on by the surge in the Black Lives Matter movement. Restaurants, which have always been known for their diverse workforce, are at the forefront in addressing these issues, despite the challenges and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

Pinky Cole, restaurateur of a growing Atlanta restaurant group, feels the time is now to speak up, inspire and make changes.  An industry veteran, Cole seeks systematic solutions from foodservice giants, encourages her peers to seize the opportunity through leadership and asks a new demographic of allies to put their money where their mouth is, both in and out of restaurants.

Read more of Pinky’s interview with QSR Magazine on how the restaurant industry needs to step up to fight systematic racism.

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