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Creative Women Are Changing the Identity of Craft Beer

Creative Women Are Changing the Identity of Craft Beer

Cracking open a cold one seems nothing short of an ideal Summer afternoon. This is especially true when sipping on Toppling Goliath Brewery’s newly redesigned cans and aesthetic overall. For those who look closely enough, you’ll notice the unique, eye-catching designs on each can, distinguishing them from all other competitors. It could make you think, “This graphic designer, he knows what he’s doing.” But there’s no “he” in this equation. The credit for these uncanny designs belongs to Sara Hedlund. 

As the Creative Director at Toppling Goliath Brewery, Sara is making strides through the beverage industry, specifically craft beer. Sara doens’t let the industry’s male domination stop her from succeeding and standing out from the crowd. She lets her work make the statement.

Unfortunately, she says she rarely gets the recognition she deserves as a woman in the beer industry. Regardless of her lack of claim to fame, she’s single handedly transform the stereotypical, and sometimes sexist, designs on many craft beers and has turned otherwise boring beer cans into works of art.

There is no question that her role as a graphic designer in the beverage industry has turned heads and helped stray away from previous stereotypes.

She’s also helped pave the road for change by breaking gender norms in the beer industry. Luckily, she’s not alone in this fight. This Falling for Beer essay takes a dive into the work of some of the industries most influential designers—who just happen to be kick-ass women. 

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