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Chef Shares What It’s Like to Shutter Her Restaurant

Chef Shares What It’s Like to Shutter Her Restaurant

Restaurants across the country are shuttering their dining rooms and watching their operations close, while riding the wave of uncertainty due to COVID-19. As these forced shutdowns are being mandated, restaurant owners everywhere are making harsh decisions and questioning what lies ahead for the businesses they’ve put their hearts and souls into.

Without clear direction from any authority, Chef Gabrielle Hamilton had to make the painful decision to abruptly lay-off her employees and close her Manhattan-based restaurant, Prune, in early March, rather than waiting to see what would happen if she didn’t. Standing in her empty restaurant, she wonders if the city, and those who inhabit it, will have a place for Prune after the dust settles. 

Read more about Hamilton, how she’s handing the shutdown, and her thoughts on the hopeful return of the beloved NYC restaurant scene.

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