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Georgia Bar Removes Over $3700 from Walls to Aid Staff

Georgia Bar Removes Over 00 from Walls to Aid Staff

Restaurant owners across the country are getting creative trying to find ways to help keep their staff afloat during the coronavirus shutdown. According to, all Jennifer Knox—owner of The Sand Bar on Tybee Island, Georgia—had to do was take a look around her empty beach bar for an answer.

A big part this colorful vacation oasis’ charm are the signed dollar bills visitors tack to the walls. With an empty bar and newfound time on her hands, Knox looked around and realized the bar’s iconic decorations would do more good in the pockets of her employees than hung on her walls.

It took five volunteers three days to remove a total of $3,714 from the bar’s interior. But what’s even better, loyal patrons heard of Knox’s good intentions and decided to donate to her cause. When all was said and done, she split $4,104 among her bartenders and musicians.

Read more about Knox and her continued efforts to help the local service staff community. And if you would like to donate, learn how to connect with Jennifer, here.

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