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These Austin restaurants stepped up to help their communities with free meals

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While it may seem counter-intuitive for a restaurant to be giving out free food amidst the COVID-19 closures, the restaurant community of south Austin is stepping up. Crema Bakery and Cafe, a queer woman-owned shop, is one of the restaurants offering free lunches to people struggling with the rapid changes and loss of income brought on by COVID-19. Jessica Tomberlin, who owns the bakery with her wife, said “In situations like this, it’s incredibly important to still remember that we’re human.” She feels its part of her job to help feed her community and sustain people while they can’t provide for themselves during this crisis.

Min Chloe, the CEO of Austin-Based Tso Chinese Delivery is also offering free meals to the Austin community. Despite a sharp decline in their catering business due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Chloe and the owners of Tso still wanted to help their community and send a message of love to those most in need. “We’ve had a lot of volunteers offering to transport food to people that are outside of our delivery zone, so that was really heartwarming to hear,” Chloe said.

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