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Aramark and Certify My Company Partner to Promote Diversity

Aramark Certify My Company Supply Chain
Credit: Aramark

Foodservice provider Aramark is making strides in its 2025 sustainability plan goals to have a positive impact on people and the planet by teaming up with Certify My Company. Together, the two companies are setting out to increase the number of organizations in Aramark’s supply chain owned by women, racial minorities, veterans, members of the LGBT community or people with disabilities. The joint program will also help these small businesses become third-party certified.

According, Aramark Supply Chain VP Autumn Bayles says partnering with small, local, diverse certified suppliers “drives economic impact, delivers valuable insight into local market trends and helps us supply products and services that are culturally relevant for our consumers.”

Through this program, Aramark team members have the opportunity to guide emerging minority business enterprises. The major foodservice provider claims the company has been able to create over 14,000 jobs across the US through its supplier diversity initiatives—making an overall economic impact of almost $2 billion in 2019 alone.

Quite impressive and just the kind of positive change we at Reset the Table want to commend! Go team Aramark-Certify My Company!

Read more about Aramark’s diversity and sustainability initiatives and their impact.

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