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The Women of Which Wich Lead the Way

Photo Credit: Fast Casual

Recently, Fast Casual chatted with “The women of Which Wich on success, sisterhood and having it all.” For a brand with 50% female leadership, supporting diversity and equality are top priorities. This group of multi-talented women also knows the secret to success is all about finding balance and having an equal voice at the table.

As former lawyers, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President Courtney Sinelli and President Cherry Hearn are focused on mentoring women pursuing careers in the field in an effort to close the gender gap of a once male-dominated industry. As a leadership team, they agree fostering the next generation of leaders, and making time to be involved in their own daughters’ lives, are equally important to supporting sustained change.

Check out the full article to learn more about how a career shift doesn’t have to mean leaving your former life behind and why everyone benefits from strong female role models. 

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