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New Program Aims to Prevent Sexual Harassment

New program aims to prevent sexual harassment

In an effort to combat sexual harassment in the workplace and prevent future incidents in the restaurant and hospitality industry, the National Restaurant Association is introducing ServSafe Workplace, a program designed to help create a positive, professional environment that protects staff and guests.

The program includes a series of webinars and other materials that help staff understand the harmful effects of sexual harassment, identify inappropriate behavior and how to effectively intervene should an incident occur. It is available this summer free of charge to all industry members.

ServSafe Workplace is aimed at ending unacceptable behaviors and practices that endanger the physical safety and mental well-being of employees, and undermine the success of the industry’s businesses, said National Restaurant Association President and CEO Dawn Sweeney.

“We condemn sexual harassment. Period,” she said. “Tipped, hourly and salary workers all deserve the same level of respect and support. It does not matter if the harasser is a customer, colleague or manager. It won’t be tolerated. Our industry – like so many others – is confronting this challenge as our collective awareness has increased about this problem in society. ServSafe Workplace is designed to help our industry respond to and prevent this behavior in the workplace.”

Sherman Brown, the Association’s executive vice president of training and certification, echoed Sweeney’s sentiments, saying the program would equip employees and managers with information needed to manage emerging risks and advance the positive culture of the foodservice and hospitality industry.

“This new program will help mitigate and manage the concerns associated with this issue and strengthen every establishment’s stance against harassment in the workplace,” he said.

Developed in partnership with the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance, ServSafe Workplace is also expanding its training to help managers and employees identify and manage unconscious bias in the workplace. That addition to the program will debut later this year.

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